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Varadero transportation, varadero cuba CarsThere are several transportation choices to get to the most beautiful beach in Cuba: Varadero. First of all, there’s the Juan Gualberto Gómez International varadero Airport, which is not far from the center of the town (only 20 kilometers away). Taking into account that Varadero is the most famous beach in Cuba and, consequently, one of the most visited places in the Island, it’s obvious that this airport in varadero is, after the José Martí International Airport in the capital, the most crowded and active airport in cuba. It receives airlines such as Cubana from Buenos Aires and Toronto, LTU International Airways from five German cities, Martinair from Amsterdam, as well as Air Transat and Skyservice from different Canadian cities. Contrary to many other airports in Cuba, the Juan Gualberto Gómez doesn’t receive domestic flights, though it does issue some. The time established to do the check-in at Varadero’s airport is 90 minutes (an hour and a half) before the flight.

If you are anywhere in Cuba and want to go to Varadero, one of your best means of transportation are the Viazul Buses. This company offers air-conditioned buses with various itineraries that can suit your purpose of going to Varadero. For example, all the buses coming from Havana stop at the Juan Gualberto Gómez International Airport. Viazul has three buses that go to Varadero at three different times each day. You can also catch one of these buses once you are in Varadero, if you want to go to another province or town.

Varadero Viazul varadero cuba transportationAnother simple way to get there is by booking one of the standard tour buses by means of the tour desk at your hotel or at any Tour Agency. You may only buy the transport service between Varadero and Havana for a price that should not exceed the 30 CUC. These buses are very comfortable and one of the advantages of going with them is that they pick the clients up at the hotel and leave them right where they are going to, so you won’t need to spend any more money on other means of transportation.

One more thing you can do to get to Varadero is rent a car. This is very easy to do, because there’s a car rental desk at almost every hotel, as well as at the airport. There are also car rental offices all over Havana and the very Varadero. If you are coming to Cuba during the high season, you may want to order your car via Internet, due to the fact that it’s a choice many tourists like and the amount of cars is not enough to fit everyone’s needs. Lately, Cuba’s major highways and roads have been repaired, so you should have no trouble at all driving there. However, some other streets in Havana and the rest of the Cuban provinces have a great deal of potholes and are poorly signposted, so you need to be very careful.

Renting a car will also enable you to go anywhere you want while you are in Varadero. You need to be very wise when renting your car, because there are some workers at the offices and desks that ask the clients for more money than they really have to pay for the cars. In order to avoid this, check all the papers and ask as many questions as you consider necessary. Besides, bear in mind that the longer you are keeping the car, the smaller the prices per day will be. The price for a regular car, leaving the fuel and insurance aside, should be around the 80 CUC. Nevertheless, if these cars are too expensive for you and you still need to have one, you can always go with the particular ones that some people rent, which are cheaper, but in this case you will have to be extra careful.

Another possibility you have to go from Havana to Varadero is the train. Nevertheless, it is extremely slow, there are even jokes in Cuba involving that train and how slow it is. The nearest train station is 18 km away from Varadero, in Cardenas. So, this is not a very good option for tourists, though it is certainly very cheap.

Varadero transportation, varadero taxi coco taxiOnce you are in Varadero, you will also need transportation. In case that you haven’t rented a car, you can always turn to all the other means of transportation that Varadero has to offer. There are more than a few options, for instance, taxis, cocotaxis, horse carts, carriages, and buses. As well, you may take a little train that goes to the most important hotels and tourist spots in town. In Varadero, there are also other kinds of rental, for example, you can rent a scooter or a bike instead of a car while you are there.

When you are all set at the airport and want to leave and finally go to your hotel, the best way to do it is by Taxi, because you will not find a direct bus that goes there. Taxis can also be very useful to you when you want to go anywhere in Varadero, because there are many of them. The wisest thing to do before you get on a cab is arranging the fee with the driver, because they rarely use the taximeters and ask for the amount of money they consider best, so if you want to spare uncomfortable moments, fix everything up before you get the ride. Cocotaxis (round three-wheeled taxis) are very popular means of transportation among the tourists and they are cheaper than regular taxies.

The Varadero Beach Tour buses are open-top double-decker means of transportation born precisely in Varadero, and they became so popular that very similar buses were also implemented in Havana. In Varadero the system is simple: you buy a 5 CUC ticket with which you can hop on and off as many times as you want during that day. These varadero buses have 45 stops, located near the most prominent tourist spots. They pass every half-hour. There is also another bus that might come handy: the free shuttle that connects the three major Meliá hotels, but waiting for it is not advisable if you are in a hurry. The local buses, which are mainly intended for the Cubans that live and work in Varadero, are a lot cheaper but they are not comfortable at all.

varadero horse carriage transportation taxi varaderoHorse carts and carriages are popular in Varadero because they are relatively cheap and quite picturesque. The prices for the state-owned horse carts go from 5 CUC per person for a short tour around the town, to 10 CUC per person for a full tour around all the hot spots.

There’s also room for boat transportation in Varadero. For example, Cubanacan Tour Agency manages a ferry that covers the distance between Havana and Varadero. You can also get a boat from Varadero to several cays near the peninsula.

Here are some contact details that might be useful.

  • • Gas stations
     "Juan Gualberto Gómez" International Airport
    Phone:(53 45) 61-3016
  • • Airports
    "Juan Gualberto Gómez" International Airport
    Phone:(53 45) 61-3016
    • Cubacar
     Calle 21 esq. a Ave. 1ra.
    Phone: (53 45) 66-7715 • 61-1435 • 61-1444 • 66-7332
    Fax: (53 45) 61-1436
  • Airlines
    • Aerotaxi
     Calle 24 y Ave. de la Playa.
    Phone: (53 45) 66-7540 • 61-2929

  • • Air Canadá
     "Juan Gualberto Gómez" International Airport
    Phone:(53 45) 61-3016
    Fax:(53 45) 53-612
  • • Cubana de Aviación
     Calle 11, Barlovento
    Phone: (53 45) 61-3016

  • • Martinair Holland
     "Juan G. Gómez" International Airport
    Phone:(53 45) 253-624
    Fax:(53 45) 253-624
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