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Welcome to  VaraderoTourism.com, your information guide on the Varadero, the most famous resort in Cuba.

Varadero is the most famous beach of Cuba and the main tourist sun and beach destination.  The open landscape, vegetation, the warm climate, the clear waters of its sea, the fine  and white sand which seem to have been  filtered by the man’s hands, all this make of  Varadero, an unforgettable and unique place to stay. 

In this paradisiacal spot from the Cuban geography, some attractive elements of nature have been mixed with comfort of modern life. Here, one of the greatest hotel and offshore facilities have been raised on the island: hotels, cabarets, restaurants, nautical sports, golf field, etc, a whole variety of options to satisfy the most demanding preferences of its visitors.

The name comes from the Nineteenth Century aiming to lay ships or careen, many sailors began to anchor their vessels at the shores of their beaches, from here comes the name of Varadero. They found a peaceful and farthest place with indescribable beautiful beaches.

Around these beaches you can enjoy from a variety of green forests, with some typical vegetation species such as palm trees and all this increases perfection, since it gives the visitor a paradise feeling gifted with corals inhabiting the coastal depths which you may appreciate with a snorkel.  Explore the wonders of this beautiful place  in our site.

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